K7 Occlusal Evaluation System - TECHNICAL TRAINING with Dr. Clayton A. Chan

K7 Occlusal Evaluation System - TECHNICAL TRAINING

2 DAY Hands-On "Doctor to Doctor" and Team Implementation Training

Course Description: “K7 Occlusal Evaluation Technical Training”

Prerequisite Course: None (Own a K7 System)

AGD Subject Code: 180 Myofacial Pain/Occlusion, 010 Basic Sciences, 200 Orofacial Pain, 250 Operative (Restorative) Dentistry

Introduction to Electro-diagnostic and Occlusal Jaw Tracking Instrumentation

This is the starting place to learn "K7/K7x Instrumentation" designed to teach doctors and team members with a practicing and renowned expert dentist, Dr. Clayton Chan with his wife, Jane, in the use of the K7 Myotronics electro-diagnostic and occlusal jaw tracking instrumentation. You will be introduced to Dr. Chan's proven clinical process and how to use the K7 and J5 dental TENS to begin the Optimized Bite taking process.  (This is what makes this K7/K7x training exclusive, different and unique).

The doctor and team will be trained to follow precise protocol to record all K7 data and learn how to interpret the scan data from a "clinical perspective".  This perspective is key to your long term future success.  Basic bite registration skills will be introduced and practiced by the participants to get results.  Proper use of J5 Dental TENS will also be reviewed and integrated into the use of all three modalities: EMG (electromyography), CMS (computerized mandibular scanning/jaw tracking) and ESG (electrosonography).  Dr. Chan will show the attendees "how he does it" and how they can do it.  This will help begin your journey with OC's advanced occlusion GNM journey. Where clinicians come to advance their learning to become experts and master the K7 CLINICALLY.

Practice management skills to incorporate the K7x data gathering protocols are presented  involving the entire team in the “Gneuromuscular” occlusal instrumentation paradigm with Dr. Chan's wife, Jane who is recognized for her expert office practice management tips and perspectives. The team will be oriented to "flag" various musculoskeletal occlusal signs and symptoms that are correlated to the scan data recordings. This objective data is then implemented into the dental practice to better assess an establish an objective rationale basis for physiologic and therapeutic treatment plan for the patient.

Course Objectives:
  • To present the principles of GNM Dentistry (Gneuromuscular) and K7 objective data gathering protocols for comprehensive treatment planning.
  • Understand how the diagnostic instrumentation works and how to record the various EMG, CMS and ESG data.
  • Proper duotrode placement for effective diagnostic results.
  • Proper myotrode placement for effective therapeutic results.
  • Understand the basics in scan interpretation.
  • Understand how to record and identify a Classic Scan 4/5 Bite
  • Introduction how to record and identify an Optimal Bite and place the myocentric target optimally.
  • Understand the differences in Jaw Tracking bite registration techniques and why it is important.
  • Create team unity, integration of gneuromuscular protocols into the dental practice, precise data collection protocols so the doctor and team can feel confident in obtaining good data from auxiliary functions.
  • Management techniques for making the K7 a profit center, a vehicle to achieve independence from insurance companies and creation of a low volume, high productivity practice.
You Will Learn:
  • How to record the postural problems using 8 channels of EMG.
  • Duotrode placement and lead connections for both the A (TMJ) and B (cervical) groups
  • How to record all the EMG of the K7 Evaluation System including habitual resting, after TENS and functional clench EMGs.
  • How to record all the jaw tracking (CMS) data for both range of motion, chewing cycles and open and closing cycles.
  • How to record the most up to date bite registration according to Dr. Chan's Optimized Bite techniques and protocols.
  • How to properly use the Myomonitor/TENS at the next level effectively to relax masticatory muscles with the K7.
  • How to identify the proper vertical dimension of occlusion.
  • How to identify the differences between the classic neuromuscular trajectory and a more optimal myo-trajectory.
  • Introduction into frontal jaw tracking and its meaning.
  • How to make the most of the electro-diagnostic instrumentation.
  • How to implement the K7 technology into the dental practice.
  • The rationale of the physiologic GNM (Gneuromuscular) technique vs. classical NM (neuromuscular) and mechanical bite registration techniques.
Note: Course participants are encouraged to bring crown and bridge quality model casts of your own mouth for bite registration break out session.


CLAYTON A. CHAN, D.D.S. Founder/Director of OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS The Center for Gneuromuscular Dentistry & Orthopedic Advancement

Occlusion Connections (OC) features renowned teacher and clinician Dr. Clayton A. Chan and his wife Jane who is office administrator. Both Dr. Chan and his wife are experts and have been training dentists from all over North America and Internationally over 20+ years in the use and implementation of Myotronics K7/K7x and dental TENS.  There leadership and pioneering role in both “gneuromuscular” (GNM) and neuromuscular (NM) occlusal teachings has been recognized, by dental leaders and peers, for their ability to deliver outstanding care to to their patients as well as present the most advanced and complete Live K7 Training exclusively in Las Vegas, NV U.S.A. When taking OC’s Masterclass training, doctors can be assured they are taught the most up to date and clinically relevant techniques in bite optimization, based on sound science, substantiated protocols and proven clinical techniques with their patients. You will learn, be inspired, become skilled, successful and confident in integrating the K7 technology into your dental practice. More About Dr. Chan

TESTIMONIALS: K7 Participant Comments

"The course was very helpful in helping me to understand the purpose of re-positioning the jaw and symptoms to look for in patients.  Dr. Chan presented the K7 materials well.  What I enjoyed the most was the hands on interaction with my office as well as with the other class participants.  The teaching facility was lovely and Dr. and Mrs. Chan were very personable, displayed hospitality and very knowledgeable in the K7.  It was a Great Course". -  Jasi Am A. D.A. - Team member of Dr. Lloyd Hitaishi, Oahu, HA.

"Having worked with the K6 in previous years, Learning to understand the information of the K7 is able very powerful.  It may look like wires and odd things, but you wouldn't be able to tell how much information one patient or a mouth can give about the human body until one begins to record with this instrument.  Thank you for making the training experience with the K7 an absolutely amazing experience.  You have given me the gift of information to share with people patients and family". - Matthew Navarro, D.A. - Team member of Dr. Thihan Phan, Avondale, AZ

"I learned so much in the past two days and am so thankful I had the opportunity to be here. Dr. Chan did an awesome job with the course and made it really fun to learn about and had a good knowledge of what he was talking about.  Everything was really hands on which I really enjoyed.  I'm a hands on learner so it was perfect for my learning style.  I thought the facility was great and is really nice.  It made me feel comfortable and didn't make me feel like I was in school.  I really enjoyed being there.  Dr. and Mrs. Chan did awesome and I am leaving with tons of knowledge.  I thought Dr. Chan did a great job of keeping everybody's attention and made it easy to grasp what he was talking about.  You can really tell he loves helping people and loves what he does!  Keep doing an awesome job. :) " - Danielle Siqueiros, D.A. - Team member of Dr. Thihan Phan, Avondale, AZ

"Dr. Chan made the course fun and easy to learn.  He was very thorough.  I feel very confident and feel I will be able to easily apply everything I learned in this course.  A lot of information was presented, but it didn't feel to overwhelming.  It felt like family.  Everyone would help each other out, a really great group!  Dr. Chan answered all my questions and loved all the hands on time". - Heidi Lopez,D.A. Team member of Dr. Thihan Phan, Avondale, AZ 

A K7 Testimonial:
"I was one of the students in Dr. Chan's very first OC  level 1 that was presented in Joe's reception area. Over the years I took all the levels ( except Ortho) sequentially and the only one that was left was level V. Somehow, I tried to post pone dealing with K7 because I was so intimidated by seeing all those scans and graphs to a point that whenever I saw any scan on the forum or in the courses I let it pass over my head thinking that I would never get it. During these past years I attempted to treat some cases using J5 and I must admit I got very frustrated as the result were not satisfactory, Not because of the principal, but because of the lack of true understanding on my part. The fact that I was not being able to help my patients and not being able to deliver the best treatment made me very discouraged and pulled me more away from GnathoNeuroMuscular (GNM). But I did not give up and decided that I was going to purchase the K7. That way, I would have no excuses.  I claim that I did everything that I could do and took all the courses that were offered but it did not work for me and  now I am going back to my old way of treating Patients.

However, last Wednesday was the first day of K7 training. I was blown away with the way Dr. Chan presented the K7 and the important scans to us. By the end of the second day, I was surprised how I knew to take the scans and and being able to read scan 4/5. That made me very  excited, because I felt that I was missing something that could help me help my patients AND that the way it was presented I could understand and learn. ( in fact, for the first time in an OC course,  I actually felt that I was smart). I think that K7  technology was missing in my practice, not necessary as the main tool to take the bite with, but to confirm and to give me the confidence that I was doing it correctly. Continuing two more days with Dr. Chan and all the other Doctors in level V was extremely powerful. Being able to practice on each other over and over made it much easier to remember what we learned to use it in our offices with the real patients. 

I got back to the office today and asked  my computer network tech person to hook up The K7 in all my operatories and the rest of the computers. I feel very confident and very excited to start implementing what Dr. Chan taught us last week about K7 and scan 4/5. I can not describe how much weight is off my shoulder knowing that now I know how to use my K7 correctly to be able to deliver the best to my patients who trust me with their health. skills and experience can not be learned in a course in short time but being in the right path and understanding the basics are necessary to get there and my excitement is that I believe I finally understood the basics of OC philosophy last week with Dr. Chan's teaching. 

I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Chan for being patience with me and to share his knowledge in a way that I could grasp. I want to thank Mrs. Chan for all the accommodations, assistance and care to all of us who take the OC courses. I also like to thank all the OC members, forumists, and recent classemates, (especially Rod who was my partner and had to deal with my lack of knowledge in K7), who have been encouraging, supportive and  informative."Sam S. Sadati, DDS, FAACD,FAGD, Wellington, Florida

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